rally-monkeyFor the last week I have been taking a poll amongst Yankees fans in regards to who they would rather beat in the ALCS: The hated rival Sox or the Angels.   Most answered Boston without actually thinking; without actually remembering how painful the Yanks/Angels rivalry has actually become for Yank fans.   I did my best with each poller to get them to take a step back   and really consider each outcome before answering with the obvious so hastily.    I truly believe there is a solid argument for wanting to finally quiet the rally monkey.  Consider this: Before the meaningless series in late September of this year, the Yanks haven't won a single series in Anaheim since May of 2004.   The Angels have eliminated them in the ALDS twice in the last 7 years .    Beating the Halos has become the one feat deemed impossible for the Bombers since 2G.   It is really the one knock on a decade of American League dominance.   Aren't Yankee fans tried of hearing about how they should play the game more like Mike Scioscia's club?   About how playing mistake free small ball can overcome a small payroll on any given day?   Don't the Angels represent the quintessential feel good story that unite Yankee haters across the country?   If Im  a Yankee fan, I want to put this story to bed immediately.  As far as beating the Sox go, of course it is always bittersweet.   But it has been done..hell this season it has already been done.   The Yanks not only won the final 9 out of 10 games this year, but beat Boston to the AL East crown.   I won't argue that a loss to Boston this year in the playoffs would have been more devastating, but a win against the Angels would be much more meaningful.  While any Yankee loss is enjoyable from a Mets perspective, another Angels victory would always allow us and every other anti-Bomber to make those Anaheim/Kryptonite comparisons for yet another season.   The Angels are all us Amazin fans have these days.   Who would you guys rather see them lose to?