This has nothing to do with yesterday's horrific meltdown by our Dirty Litttle Secret of a Bad Closer.   But watching the Strasburg pitch and the Nats hit.   My question is:   why is he pitching in the Majors?  I know he's a great pitcher but at this point, the Nationals can't play with him.   He is literally a step or two in front of all of them.   Here is a stat:   The Nationals have not scored a run for him in his past three starts.   In a total of 6 starts(counting yesterday) the Nats have scored only 11 runs.   11 runs in six starts!   Why is he here?  I know why.   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$And I think this is wrong to do.   So what if ticket sales go up when he pitches.   He is a young arm who is pitching for a team that can't win nor won't win this year.  If the Nats were to trade him, they could literally get an entire infield for him.  If the Nats are serious about contending in the future, they should send him BACK to the Minors after he pitches like a 100 innings.   If they are to do that, I would take them more seriously and worry about them in a couple of years.   But here's a question, do you think the Nats are ready to spend Money, and I mean BIG money, to build a contending team around this guy?Yesterday, the broadcasters on Fox were saying the there is a lot of interest in Adam Dunn.   If the Nats start trading there winter Pick-ups.   Why is this kid still going to pitch?    As they begin selling  off the pieces, Strasburg should go right  down to Triple A.     Save his arm.The Nats could be a Rays team in a couple of years if they could develop some more pitching and hitting.   But of course, this is also going to take money and some real careful planning.  Do you think they are ready for this?Thoughts?