Watching last night’s Monday Night Football game, the ESPN announcing team (which, by the way, is INFINITELY BETTER with Jon Gruden)I wish Gruden could do play-by-play for my life.continuously discussed the disarray surrounding the Washington Redskins franchise. Meddlesome owner who, because he spends inordinate amounts on his team, thinks they know everything there is to know about the sport and players. A Director of Personnel/GM who was hired to be the face of the franchise because of their rapport with the media, yet have not been able to build a winner and have burned their bridges with the media they were supposed to control. A roster full of overpriced players who are not only completely overrated talent-wise, but currently decimated with injuries to boot. Sound familiar?The Mets alternate logo next year?If you are a fan of the New York Mets, congratulations, this is your team! But ask any fan of football about who the worst teams are in the NFL, the Redskins always get a "…but" response. As in, the Redskins are among the worst teams in the NFL this year …but… This is a great thing if you are a Redskins fan in the long term. It is beyond bad now for Redskins fans, otherwise known as "Raiders East" for 2009, (Trust me, Skins fans, I know your pain. I am a Raiders fan.), …but there is visible light at the end of the tunnel. Fix up the offensive line, bring in proven leaders at the Head Coach and GM positions that stress team concepts, accountability, and discipline, and continue to develop young playmakers on both sides of the ball, and you got yourselves a potential playoff team. Granted, it could take a year or two, but look at the other possibilities around the NFL.The Chiefs (yes, they beat the ‘Skins, I know, but I digress) are at least two years away in terms of having a first unit that comes close talent-wise to the rest of the league at O-Line, LB, DB, and Running Back, and that’s before you solve the problem of depth. The Bucs have no QB, a rookie Head Coach, players that don’t fit their system, and no hope in sight. Don’t get me started on the Rams (wouldn’t be a ranked team in D 1-A right now) or the Browns (blew it up, looking at building the foundation in the next two drafts). And my beloved Raiders will never compete until they realize that, like the Redskins, owners should not be directly involved with football operations because they cannot be objective. It worked for Al Davis whenever he had a dominant personality at Head Coach (Madden, Gruden) who he could build a contender with and bounce ideas off of. But to have a yes-man at this key position makes the owner’s influence completely negative and too powerful for the franchise to succeed. So, Redskins fans, fear not. Get a powerful head coach, some beef up front, improve your young talent, and wait a year or two, and you got yourselves a football team. This brings me back to the Mets.Proud graduate of the Fred Wilpon School of Sport Franchise Ownership!!Yes Met fans, you are the Redskins of baseball. Wilpon equals Snyder, Minaya equals Cerrato. Beltran, Delgado, Ollie, Reyes, Castillo, Maine, K-Rod? You got it: Clinton Portis, Charles Samuels, Jason Campbell, DeAngelo Hall, Albert Haynesworth. Life is tough, and Met fans are tired of season after season of disappointment,…but like the Redskins, there is VISIBLE LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. With the advantage of no salary cap, fixing the Mets could be even faster and easier than fixing the ‘Skins! Like Snyder’s Squad, the Amazins must continue to develop their young talent, push their influential figures to continue to promote team concepts,A Hall-of-Fame Left Tackle, theoretically...accountability, and discipline, and fix up the Starting Five (yes, I am comparing Starting Pitching to Offensive Line. I don’t care what you say, they are the most important parts to a team in Baseball and Football. Unless you have a Pujols/Peyton Manning, but again, I digress), and you got yourselves a pretty darn good baseball team.Sound easier than it is to actually do? Of course it is. That’s why it is so frustrating to write. …BUT, if the Mets do follow this plan, and stop trying to patch up holes with overpriced, under-talented players in a feeble attempt to sell tickets, we could be throwing Orange and Blue Ticker Tape inside the Canyon of Heroes as opposed to the Ticker Tape of the Pinstripe variety. (You guessed, it, I’m going with the Yankees, in Six Games. If Kate Hudson can get Matthew McConaughey to pass as a decent actor in a chick flick, getting A-Rod to hit in the clutch is a cakewalk.) So Met fans, as you soak in the worst World Series imaginable, here’s a surefire way to cure your October Blues. Grab some Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and Nachos, turn on some Raiders, Chiefs, Browns, Bucs, or Rams football, sit back, relax, and enjoy. And remember, at least your not the Pirates, Nationals, Padres, Orioles, or Royals.Maybe she can get Ollie Perez to throw a strike.....<!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data-->