At the risk of turning this site I love into a Philly praise team I decided to write this article anyway.  Last night I got into the car after 4 long hours of basketball workouts, lifting, tutoring, fund-raising and searching for coaches I got into my car and hoped for some relief.  I hoped I would turn on my satellite radio and here that the Rays had made an improbable comeback and the Phillies would be down and out.  Of course what did I hear?  The final out of the 8th inning and talk Roy Halladay carrying his no hit bid into the 9th inning.At that point I got a strange feeling in my gut, or perhaps in my heart.  I thought maybe it was the fact that it was after 7:00 and I had not eaten yet.  Then it occurred to me that I had wolfed down some homemade pizza before practice so I was not hungry.  Perhaps it was indigestion?  Maybe it was just stress from the day.  So all those things are going through my mind as the 2 minutes and 2 seconds ticked off before Halladay stepped back on the mound.Then like the Grinch whose heart grew 3 times bigger that day I found myself strangely rooting for Roy Halladay.  As the outs ticked down I found myself hanging on every pitch and as the announcer called the last play with a dribbler at home plate, not being able to see the play I was nervous that a small dribbler would rob me of baseball history.When the game ended and the Phillies started to mob Halladay on the mound I became angry at myself for rooting for the Phillies.  I started to reflect as to why I would do such a thing.  Then I realized I had not rooted for the Phillies.  I hope they never win another game.  However, I do respect Roy Halladay and I do consider him one of the greatest pitchers of my generation.So is that why I was rooting for him?  Because I thought he deserved it?  Perhaps.  Then I looked deeper into my background.  I am a history major and have passed much of my time reading sports history.  Book after book of sports history line both my home and school shelves.  50 years from now last night will also be recorded and I will remember last night with fondness.So for one night I rooted not just for Roy Halladay but for baseball history.  Now let me close by getting this off my chest... Phillies still suck.