Here's a trivia question:  What song did the Shea faithful hear when Gary Carter walked to the plate?I'll have that answer at the bottom of this post.Yesterday saw the passing of not only a great Met but a great person.  A while back our own Rusty put out a poll asking all to submit their favorite Met players.  My number one pick took less than a millisecond-it was number 8, Gary Carter. Now I  didn't pick him because of his stats or clutch hits or even his World Series heroics.  I picked him because he is the reason why I'm rooting and now writing about about my favorite team.I was a wandering fan back in the 80's.  I had lost my desire to watch baseball.  My father, the die-hard Yankee fan, was in his own way lost for he had stopped watching his team because he hated King George and his rotisserie philosophy.  It was Charlie, my childhood friend who made me watch the Mets back in 1985.  I immediately identified with the  fiery backstop who yelled and pumped his fist.   I was suddenly hooked on baseball again.Gary Carter, always a smile on his face,  tough behind the plate and on the base pads, always a high five to players when crossing the plate, became my hero.  Did you ever see him not gut out every ground ball? I remember watching this gutsy player with hair sticking out of his helmet and never say die attitude play everyday.  He made me watch the game again and best of all, he gave me a team to watch and root for.My heart broke a bit when he entered the Hall as an Expo but I guess the powers that be wanted to put in a real player to represent a ghost of a team-so be it.To me, Carter will always be remembered as a Met and my personal favorite.My softball jerseys with the number Eight on the back can attest to that.There is no joy in Mudville this morning as baseball has lost one of it's cherished players.  I guess as a kid you always think that your heroes are indestructible and would live forever.....and you along with them.This morning however, I'm discovering that both are untrue....and that is a truly sad day.Spring Training?  Maybe it should rain for a while, especially at home plate.The answer to the trivia question above...."Messing with the Kid" by the Blues Brothers.