When I heard I was going to Opening Day this year, I was thrilled. I haven't been since 2008, and haven't been to Citi since June of last year. What follows will be a bit of a running diary of my experience at the game.Pre-GameSurprisingly it was easy enough to get into the city and find a spot in which to park, although some people really need to learn that when tailgating, it would be really nice if you didn't take up three perfectly usable spots to do so, there are other places you can do that so people can actually park their cars in the spots.We had to wait for my father and brother as they were taking the LIRR to the game, and by the time we get in the stadium, it is about 12:15 (there was a guy walking around the stadium yelling "Wilpons must go!" So I sarcastically yelled "trade the Wilpons!" He took me seriously and started yelling it, some people...), and we head over to Shake Shack to get lunch. When we arrive there, the line is unsurprisingly gigantic. I decide that I am going to just go get a hot dog and go back to the seats, because I don't want to miss the ceremony, or any of the game.The normal part of the ceremony went by as expected, but I don't understand the fan's hatred towards Mike Pelfrey. What has the guy done to make the fans hate him so much? Why can't he just be a decent innings eater?During the GameIf I were taking game notes, it would've read something like: Johan looks sharp; JOHAN; there goes the no-no...;JOHAN IS BACK.When Murphy hit a double, I started telling my friend (who missed the top of the first while waiting for Shake Shack) how good Murphy is, and that he could bat .310 this year with a good OBP and Slug%. Wright flies out to right center, guess they didn't move the fences in far enough...Second inning and top of third go by quickly, without anything worth mentioning. Although they did have a question where they asked the fans David Wright's favorite cereal, and then to text your answer to a number. It wasn't a contest or anything, just a test of how many weird random facts you know about the Mets.Torres gets picked off on first base to end the bottom of the third, I don't understand why it is that after the previous two pick-offs, he wasn't expecting a third.Fourth inning, 1-2-3, and 1-2-3.Johan loads them up with two outs in the top of the 5th, and is nearing his pitch count of 80. He finished off his day by fielding a come-backer to the mound, and then scaring the living crap out of everyone in attendance by nearly throwing it into right field.We entertain ourselves by watching the security that sits on the ROOF of the stadium. What could they possibly be doing there that helps keep us safe? They didn't have binoculars or anything, just strange.Mets get a run on a David Wright ground ball, but I doubted that would be enough run support for the bullpen to hold for the rest of the game.Despite Ramon Ramirez's best efforts, Mets keep ahead 1-0, Byrdak was fantastic and got two HUGE outs. I don't have many things to say from the middle portions of this game, because there really wasn't anything notable, I got a second hot dog at this point, and the drunk fans in my section yelled some moronic things to Ruben Tejada about how he isn't Reyes.Mets get a lead-off guy on when Thole singles to left. Terry Collins decides its best to bunt the runner over with Tejada (WHY???!!!!) and then Tejada puts a bad bunt down, and the runner is thrown out at second on an extremely questionable call. Maybe Terry wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to lead the league in sacrifice bunts.We get our first look at Jon Rauch who gets a surprisingly easy 1-2-3 inning, hopefully we can get more of those from him. Mets get the bases loaded in the bottom half, but Dude strikes out, and leaves the entire stadium biting their fingernails as Frank "I like to pitch myself in and out of jams" Francisco comes in.Also the speaker above us starts to make an annoying buzzing noise, I guess that's what I get for being in the last row in the upper deck in left field.Groundout-Popout-Strikeout and Put it in the books! I start a first place chant, and decide this is going to be the high point for the Mets'  season and that I am going to enjoy it.Post-GameLeaving the stadium, we get chants including:"Lets go Mets!" and "Yankees suck!" Why do we have to chant Yankees suck? It is really immature, and makes us look like a fan base that has a major inferiority complex.We get our to our car, and decide that instead of trying to bust it out of the stadium, that we are going to hang out in the parking lot and soak in the atmosphere. Definitely upbeat, because hey, baseballs back! We throw the ball around and just enjoy the beautiful weather.There were two girls walking around with some sort a a power drink that they were encouraging people to sample. If you go to a game this year and see them,  try their drink, it was absolutely delicious.Well that's about it, hopefully I have provided an angle to yesterday's game that hasn't already been done. Any questions will be welcomed.