Slim PickensTRDMB's own Kingman 26 published a fine opinion piece this morning which prompted me to think and that is perhaps the highest compliment that I can pay to it.   The result of that thinking was to make an assumption that the Mets' most likely place to improve the offense is in the outfield and to then try and determine who might be available for that purpose.   I came up with a list of names, many of which you've seen before, who in my opinion have contracts their teams might consider moving due to their poor position in the standings.   Contract information courtesy of Cot's Contracts.Jermaine Dye:   09:$11.5M, 10:$12M mutual option ($1M buyout) The White Sox are in 3rd place, 3 games under .500 and could go either way.   Their attempt to get Jake Peavy shows that they're trying to go up.   If they don't, at least Omar has an established relationship with Kenny Williams (thank you Ramon Castro).Jose Guillen:   09:$12M, 10:$12M The Royals started out as potentially this year's '08 Rays.   That has taken a sharp downward turn.   Guillen stands out on their roster as expendable due to contract.Ichiro Suzuki:   09:$17M, 10:$17M, 11:$17M, 12:$17M I can't imagine the Mariners trading him, but he is due $51 million from 2010-2012.Matt Holliday:   09:$13.5M I would hesitate to deal with Billy Beane, but Holliday will likely be available in his walk year.Adam Dunn or Austin Kearns:   Dunn   09:$8M, 10:$12M, Kearns   09:$8M, 10:$10M club option ($1M buyout) The Nationals just signed Dunn and I would be surprised if they dealt him, and he's an atrocious defender.   IMO the Nats would more likely shed Kearns and his $8 million this year and $10 million club option next year.Carlos Lee and Lance Berkman:   Lee   09:$18.5M, 10:$18.5M, 11:$18.5M, 12:$18.5M, Berkman   06-10:$14.5M annually, 11:$15M club option ($2M buyout) The Astros are going nowhere and are paying both of these guys obscene amounts of money, Lee more money over a longer period ($55.5 million from 2010-2012).   Their owner seems unlikely to kiss a season goodbye, but if he does I would guess Lee would be traded before Berkman.Eric Byrnes:   09:$11M, 10:$11M The Diamondbacks are 14 games out of first place, Byrnes isn't playing everyday and he is guaranteed $11 million next year.IMO this is the list that Omar will be picking from.   Who do you want?   Who do you realistically think they might get?   Who have I missed?