On July 20th John Heyman had the following to say about a rumored Halladay to the Mets deal:Jays' asking price for Halladay too steep for Mets  "Toronto's request of the Mets for star pitcher Roy Halladay was for top outfield prospect Fernando Martinez, young pitchers Bobby Parnell and Jon Niese and shortstop prospect Ruben Tejada, sources tell SI.com.The Mets responded with a resounding no."Now as most baseball fans know, it is difficult to determine how much of these types of stories are true.   We know that Halladay was on the market and we know that the Jays were most likely calling teams to find out if they would be interested.   We also know based on most published reports that it would take at least 4 players and at least 1 top pitcher and top hitter from the organization.   Obviously I still am not sure that the rumored Mets package would have been enough and I think Omar would have been insane not to take it.   However, today I ask what would you be willing to give up for Doc?   Personally I think he is a better option than Lackey.  Halladay is a year older than Lackey but is that a draw back?   The last 4 years Halladay has pitched 150 more innings than Lackey and has averaged over 7 1/3 innings per start compared to Lackey's 6 2/3.   During that span Halladay has produced a ridiculous 29 CG compared to Lackey's 9.     The last 2 years Halladay has had a higher K/9 and nearly twice the SO/BB ratio.   Of course I am not a big fan of ERA but Halladay's ERA was also a full run lower each of the last 2 years.Of course what am I saying here?   I am not sure anyone would debate that Lackey is better than Halladay or even in the same league.   However, at what point does the extra talent required to get him even up the discussion?   Halladay is owed 15.75 Million for next year and becomes a FA after that season.   Of course he also has a no-trade clause and could force a contract extension before accepting a trade.   However, that  extension to get a contract worked out  something that the Blue Jays were unwilling to discuss last summer.If I was going to offer the Jays a package for Halladay I would start by asking if we could take a guy like Overbay to lessen prospects.   Most likely that will not play into the discussion unless we would take Wells.   Taking Wells would obviously reduce the prospect demand but would be taking what may be the worst contract in baseball as he is owed another 98 million over the next 5 years.   So in my mind it's back to what prospects would you be willing to give?   Competition will be stiff and it could actually require more prospects now than it did during the summer as I expect more teams will be involved.With all this in mind I start with the following:Fmart, Holt, Parnell, NieseThis gives them 2 MLB pitchers for next year an OF if they can dump Wells somewhere some how and a pitching prospect.   Most likely that would not be enough.   How far are you willing to go?