You know what I saw last night?   I saw a  Leader on the mound and a  driven athlete who, even without his best stuff, put   every Met, including one that dropped a simple fly ball, on his shoulders and carried them to a much needed win.Yea it's a little dramatic but didn't you like what you saw last night?   Santana looked like the old Santana minus a few  mph on his fastball.     He's finally looking healthy and making some much needed adjustments and    boy oh boy did he look good.  I know that Reyes can put a charge in the game with his blazing speed and Wright  can electrify Citi Field with a dead center long ball but only Santana can elevate the level of play  the Mets.   He looks like the Ace that the Mets signed a few years ago and you know as well as I do that he always has a better second half- so beware Braves and Phillies, it looks like the Old Sheriff is back in town.Last night's  3 hitter to the National Leagues Central Division Leader is just what the Mets and their fans needed to see.   Why?   Because it shows that the Mets belong exactly where they are-In the Divisional as well as Wild Card race.  Hey guys, the Mets are contenders...but we already knew that didn't we?  Well maybe everyone else  in the League needed to see it also.   How do you think they are feeling  this morning  knowing that Santana could be poised for a great second half?And as much as the home run impressed me, it was nothing  compared to  Santana's response to Manuel's  futile attempt to pull him from the game in the ninth when it seemed like the wheels would again fall off another brilliant start.   Santana wanted to finish what he started and like a true ace, he did.   More ironically, if he did come out of the game and the wheels did come off, he would still respond like  the true professional that  he is.  The Real Animal has woken up and just at the right time.