We currently have nine people that have requested invites, so we only need one more team but would love to get three more to make it a twelve team league.Email me for a invite at saltygary8@yahoo.comLive draft is set for 9pm on Wednesday. It is currently a head to head league, rosters lock weekly and it is set so you can keep 3 players from this team for next season. . 20 weeks regular season and 2 weeks for playoffs. For the CBS fantasy fans, I emulated the scoring system. It can always be changed but I feel it is really balanced well. I welcome all suggestions for modifications, I can make changes up to the draft day.So don’t be afraid, just join. Even for our readers that don’t normally comment a lot, we would love to have your participation as well. This is our third year running a league and it is a great experience. Very casual and for someone that has been doing fantasy for years (and finished 2nd to last place last year), this is probably the best environment for people wanting to try fantasy and not feel overwhelmed.