As the season winds down, this year has been a rollercoaster for both the team as well as TRDM.  Saying goodbye to some of our long-time authors was tough.  We have also changed platforms to Fan Vs Fan which I believe is a good step for the blog to continue serving our current base but to also expand.  When you look at a blogroll of Mets blogs for the last 4+ years, you see a lot of names that no longer exist, it isn't an easy job to continue to produce quality articles while not falling victim to the clickmongering you unfortunately see in modern blogging.  

Over the course of our 4+ years we have had some of the best in the Mets blogosphere write for us.  What I am most proud of is how many of our guys go on to be featured at other blogs but even more importantly the amount that are now able to make a career in the journalism field while using TRDM as a stepping stone.  Is it fun always being that stepping stone?  Obviously not, however what it has ensured is that we have always produced what I believe are the highest quality articles, focusing on quality and not quantity. 

So as we close out another year where the Mets need to restock and re-brand, TRDM must do the same. 

We are looking for writers who have a unique quality, passion for the Mets and skill in how it is delivered.  Besides a very loyal base to read and critique your work for growth, you will also gain exposure through the Fan vs Fan Network, Twitter, Facebook and Mets Sportsypder.  Thanks to the Mets some of our authors also get the chance to cover Mets events in person. It truly is a great opportunity for those of you who seek to become journalist, but also for those who just want a voice. 

If you are interested please email me at:

or hit me on Twitter at