Last year TRDM added a sabermetrics division as well as the popular TRD Minor League Blog.  Now as all good blogs must do, we are looking for other opinions and more perspectives to be shared.  As many of you know we have a great core of authors here at TRDM.  However, over time new authors have to be brought on.  Here is your chance.We are looking for 3 new authors to fill out or diverse staff.  While these positions are unpaid, you have the ability to get your opinion across to not only 1,000s of readers but also a very loyal group of everyday readers who appreciate your hard work, praise a job well done and challenge you to look at your own perspectives as well.  Part of your role will be to produce opinion pieces, follow current Mets news, as well as cover post-games.The post-game for TRDM has became an illustrious position due to standard set by Gravedigger, our original post-game author.  While no one can replace Grave the position allows incredible creativity and a chance to express not only Mets related opinions but various other aspects of American culture.If you are interested in these positions please email me at with a sample of your work.  Some of this work may be posted so let me know in the email if that is an issue.  Thanks and happy blogging.TRS86