Just as there are a few new faces on the Mets, although not enough, TRDMB will also be calling up some  fresh new talent.   Starting next week you will be introduced to five new authors as they each will publish their first opinion piece for TRDMB.   Dirty and I are very excited about this new group and look forward to seeing what they can do.   Please welcome them aboard but don't go easy on them, it's not TRDMB way.  New authors:Metro, GonzoWill, MikeMattone, MrBaby and HalfmanhalfamazinAs always if you have comments or suggestions you can email them to me here or throw them in the comment section because you know I will be there trying to keep my dominant lead in most comments posted.   Also, if you ever get the urge to write your own opinion piece just send it in.   Remember this site is as much our readers as it is ours.   We are very thankful for how loyal our readers have been and look forward to TRDMB continuing to grow.Also, I think it's appropriate that TRDMB gives thanks to Matt Cerrone over at Metsblog for posting the link to our request for authors.   Because of that we had over 30 people apply for the positions.