As this season has progressed there seems to be more and more discussion on Jose Reyes.   After 2 weak Septembers in a row for Jose many had drawn a line coming into this season.   Some loyal Reyes supporters said that last September was lost by Wright's inability to hit in the clutch or the bullpen's suckitude.   They over look the fact that in September of 2008 Reyes had the following line .243 BA, .314 OBP, .402 SLG and a .715 OPS.   In September of 2007 it was even worse at .205, .279, .333, .612.   Some even go as far to say those numbers show how important Reyes is because we he does not hit we don't win.   Then there are the ones that go after Reyes, saying he is immature.   His emotion is distracting to his own team and infuriating to the other team.   They point to the fact that he has not done well in September and say that he is a prime example of how the Mets choke starting with Reyes.   That was all before this year.   Now as the season closes and the Mets spiral into an oblivion, people are starting to talk again.   We now remember that Jose Reyes is on the team, yet most of us have no idea why he is not currently ON the team.   Even, according to multiple reports, his teammates are questioning his absence.  This week Matt Cerrone has posted a couple of highly controversial opinion pieces on Jose Reyes.   I commend Matt for taking a side and voicing his opinion.   We can all debate whether that opinion is correct.   However, what we can no longer debate is if it is relevant.   At this point with the team struggling and and unclear about their future can we depend on Reyes?   In fact does this team already depend too much on Reyes? Will it continue to be Reyes and Wright's team or has this season along with his September struggles placed a permanent divide between Reyes, his teammates and a significant group of fans?Let TRDMB know your thoughts on Reyes.   By the way, for those of you who love to jump on Wright whenever Reyes is criticized you will have your chance later in the week as he is up next!Click here to take a poll on Reyes.