So Jose Reyes is home recovering from his surgery.   I want him to stay home, watch the playoffs and then as soon as he is able to begin light activities, I want him to report to St Lucie and join a High School  Boys Track Team.I'm not joking.Don't get him a " Personal Trainer".Get him a Track Coach.The hamstring pull might be one of the worst injuries a player could ever get.   You don't recover for a while and there is a fear of re- aggravation.     Haven't we seen this before?Jose Reyes needs to build up his strength and what better  place to do that than a Track Team.   If I'm Omar, I grabbing a Track Coach and having Reyes run at least 2-3 miles a day-easy.No drills and no base running.   All strength work for Reyes- Long  slow distance everyday.   Don't worry, doing this won't make him slower, it will make him stronger.   No Sprinting allowed.   That might be the worst thing Reyes could ever do because in about 2 weeks, he could be back at square one.   No, we need a Distance Coach and a high school one at that.    You see, a  high school track coaches are used to building runners from scratch and they usually don't push hard.( Or at lest they shouldn't anyway)This is perfect for Reyes.When March rolls around and the rest of his team join him, Reyes will be ready to go, all he needs is to get in the cage.And run everyday.Sounds crazy right?   Name me the last Olympic miler, 800, 200 meter runner that pulled a hamstring while running a race.Exactly.I know Reyes is not a track athlete and he is certainly not going to the Olympics but lets treat him like he is.   Lets start him like every other Olympian runner, on a Track Team.   We all know, as well as he, that his legs are his game, so lets give him to somebody who knows how to nurture and train a runner.The man needs a Track Coach.Because we all know he needs   big yearI think he knows it as well.