As fellow author Kingman and I were discussing in the comment section, I understand the need for Bourn.  It would certainly fill a need on a team that has a bunch of question marks in the OF and would end the debate of who leads off and if the Met will go with 3 platoons in the OF.  There's no doubt if the team was almost complete Bourn would certainly be the answer.  However, i think we all know that that this year would take everything breaking right to be in the hunt with or without Bourn. Not to say, before Salty comes running, that improving this team is moot. It's just I am not willing to risk the future on a halfhearted attempt at winning this season.Now back to the post, in my opinion with or without Bourn the Mets number one need is a RH hitting OF with power to slot in after Davis. If the Mets get Bourn then Kirk and DD really have no spot on the team unless you consider going with a platoon of Kirk and Brown in RF which is fine. However, I thin we would all say that the biggest hole would still be the RH power hitting RF. Not only that but it's an organizational weakness with the only hope on the immediate horizon in terms of a RH OF is Cory Vaughn who has a lot to prove this year in the minors to even remain a guy on prospect list. Even the Mets prize pick Nimmo is another LH guy. There seems to be no plans of converting Flores to the OF either. If you think about it, the Mets even entertained the idea of moving Lutz and Turner to the OF just to have someone that carries a RH bat and an OF glove.So as Kingman logically ask, if not Bourn who? To me the Bourn issue is both independent of the RF issue as well as attached at the hip. What you say? As I mentioned earlier with or without Bourn there has to be a RH OF solution. So if you sign Bourn then yes the team is better, what I am worried about however is what amount of resources financially do the Mets really have? Can they afford both a 15M per year contract to Bourn while also paying for a RF or will this like Jason Bay completely lock us into what we have with searching for cheap trades as the only alternatives to fill other holes. Something many would say that we have been doing already.Man am I ever drifting today. Back to the post again. I search the world over, OK I only searched MLB's depth chart tool, to look for RH OF that might be an option. Some of these may or may not be available and you could say that some of them have really no chance of bettering the team. I am not looking today to try to sell any of these players or use statistical analysis to make a point. I am only throwing names in for discussion. I would like to say as well that some of these guys only fit one of the dimensions. They may or may not be considered power hitting guys. Some of these names also have already even been mentioned in the hallowed halls of TRDM:Casper Wells, Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Gomez, Corey Hart, Josh Willingham, Alex Castellanos, Jose Tabata, Mike Olt, Eric Young, Mark Trumbo, Chris Heisey, Michael Cuddyer, Dexter Fowler and ......Carlos GonzalezI saved the best for last.  If the Rockies tank, like I expect them to do, I think Gonzalez will be on the move.  They have already backed off their stance on him being unavailable considering that they did discuss a deal with the Rangers but would not come down from asking for Olt and Profar.  That's a steep price to pay for a guy who has the typical Coors splits.  However, there are two things there.  They didn't get that in return and Gonzalez may just be that special of a player.  Wait I am cheating aren't I? He's Left Handed.  Yes he sure is which is why my concern for Bourn makes even more sense.  Can the Mets trade for a guy like Gonzalez who would clearly remake the Mets lineup while also paying Bourn 15M and adding another LH bat to the lineup?  If so?  Then by all means, go get your Bourn and either way I will still hold out hope that the Mets are able to bring in that big name OF or that Sandy is able to find that diamond in the rough RF to lock down the position for years to come.  Oh wait, that's what we have Brown for.