I'm putting a fork in the Daniel Murphy Second Base Experiment.  I thought that maybe the Experiments would end when Omar left but perhaps this might end them all once and for all.   I've said it before and I'll say it again-this experiment does not work and it should be scrapped immediately.  You all know why right? Because it's only a matter of time before it gets real ugly and this past weekend was only a small taste of it. Bottom line, I'd sacrifice offense any day of the week for kid who can pick go in the hole or turn a 4-6-3 double play.  To hell with it, I'm agreeing with my fellow writer Rusty and putting Castillo as Second.But let's get to Murphy because everyone likes him and so do I-just not as a second baseman.The purpose of this article is to find a position for Daniel Murphy.  Let's approach this logically.  The outfield is completely off limits.  He can't judge a fly ball and is way too much of a liability.  That leaves the infield and we all know that second, third, first and short are out and so I'm going to throw this out there as a crazy as it sounds and yet a last ditch effort to save this kid and keep him in baseball.Catcher.Jorge Posada was a second basemen who became a catcher, why can't Murphy?  His arm is strong, he's definitely faster and he has the mind set to work at it in the minors.   There is no reason why he can't put on the Tools of Ignorance and get behind the dish.  I think Murphy has the fortitude and with a little help, can get help calling a good game.  You think I'm nuts right?  Where would you put him?  You like him at second?  I can pick a high school senior off a good baseball team that can move better.  And you know I'm right don't you...I say, leave Murphy in AAA and let him work on catching, what do the Mets have to lose?They've experimented with everything else and IT HASN"T WORKED YET! If this fails they can always try to make him a Lefty Specialist-I'm sure they'll  be a spot once Perez leaves.