Serenity Now!I'm venting.I want the August or the July Mets back.  I suddenly realize why I dread and hate every September.  It brings the September Mets.  The team where the defense as well as the offense vanishes with the cold wind.Where is that team that I've been watching all summer long?  That team that fights and plays half-way decent?  Why?  Why is this happening?  Did you see the stands yesterday?  My god, pretty soon the Mets are going to have to put up cardboard cut outs of people to make it look like someone actually wants to be at Citi-field.What's killing me the most about watching the Mets now is hearing about what the other teams are doing around the league.Like the Phillies easing into the playoffs for the fifth straight season.Like the Yankees about to clinch.Like the Diamondbacks that can't seem to lose.It's certainly not time for Terry Collins to flip over a couple of buffet tables.  I think that boat has sailed.  But hey, flip a couple over anyway.Here's another suggestion:  Give David Wright a night off!  Send him to a bar and loosen him up.  He's booting balls at third like a little league kid.Speaking of little league, can we lay down a bunt?  Run down a fly ball?  Play with some enthusiasm?  How about a sacrifice fly?A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I would gladly sacrifice a .500 season if the Mets were able to at least show some promise of the future.  I'm afraid to even address that.At least Jose Reyes is still in the lead for the Batting Crown.  But I'm actually afraid of expecting anything from that because I don't want get disappointed.  If he walks away with the title, it might be one of the redeeming factors of the year.....until he signs with another team.  And by the way, way to go with informing the entire league that you won't be stealing a base or trying to leg out that triple.Two weeks to go, the Mets are out of it, is it too much to ask to play with some conviction, passion, and integrity?Come on boys...I know I have to look at the Phillies in the playoffs but can you at least give me some baseball for just a little while longer?