I think what the Mets did two days ago negates last night's loss.  A certain New York Post writer wrote a piece on the Mets and in it mentioned Bartolo Colon and Pine Tar.  More specific, he wrote that if any umpire looked at Colon's neck they would find peanut butter rather than pine tar. Funny, very funny but come on, the Yankees are the ones in the spotlight here, the Yankees are the ones backing their prized pick-up.  The Yankees are the one with egg on their faces.....not the Mets.   

And you know as well as I do that if a Mets pitcher was caught on National T. V it would be on all over the front page as a disgrace and how it would be a typical "Met" blunder.

Getting back to the New York Post, the Mets are refusing to talk to him because of his rude article.......good for all of them.  In my opinion, that's the beginning of a good team-on and off the field.

So today's question, and it's an obvious one:  Should pitchers be allowed to use pine tar?