I'm not a big fan of change......which means that when I tuned in last week to the FAN I was subjected to a Yankee Broadcast and I almost got sick. What has the world come to?   Now I have to tune to a static filled AM station to hear the Mets?

Yea I wasn't happy.   So here we are, an hour ahead of where we should be, staring Spring in the face with a possible Snow Event on Wednesday wondering if Tejada can play Short Stop and Harvey can make it back to Matt Harvey Day.

As long as there are no injury reports coming out of PSL, I don't care if they celebrate Godzilla Day, as long as the Opening Lineup contains the Mets that we all want to see on the field.

Which leads us to today's question:

If Noah Syndergaard is throwing lights out, should he break camp with the Mets are start in the Majors?

I'm throwing in a second question because I read this article this last week.  How would you feel if Jose Reyes played Short Stop for the Yankees?  Would you root for him?