I think the conclusion we can draw from the three last games is that Coors field is a nightmare......and so are the Rockies.  I watched last nights game and I knew that Farnsworth was going to give it up, I knew it.  

He's not a closer anymore.

And the Mets need one, badly.

Speaking of needs, the Mets need an ace.....and I don't mean Matt Harvey who is on the shelf. I mean the Mets need a pitcher now to step up and be a stopper.

Today's Question:  Who has the ability on the Mets current staff to be that "ace", the "stopper" if you will?

Here's a bonus question, who do you want to close games for the next 5 months?  Because, if you have been watching like I have, you know we need someone for that job too.  Hint,  you can't go outside the organization to get one, because again, you know like I know, that the Mets aren't doing that either.