Normally, this spot would be a question about the Mets, like how much value Jose Reyes would get in the trade market or whether the Mets could ever get to .500 and excel beyond it.But not today,Today is Mothers Day and I think it's only fair to acknowledge all the Mom's out there-including my own.  They are the unsung heroes; the ones that rub our wounds when we get hurt.  The ones that are there for us-good or bad.  The one's that told us everything was going to be all right-even though it might not.My mother is amazing-to this day, I'm shocked at what she has done for me and what she continues to do.  I look back at when I was a kid and I'm in awe.My mom picked up  clothes and washed them when I was out playing-everyday. Dinner was always hot and real good and even though I took off right after our last bite, by some miracle, my mom  found the strength to make the table look exactly like it was in the morning-clean- and then for her pains and hard work,  she did it all over again the next day. To mothers everywhere, including my own, your were the bookends of our lives-the smile that we were greeted with at the beginning of the day and the kiss before we went to bed.Your mom, regarding of the distance and time between you, always remains your mom. I think I'll call my now and wish her a Happy Mothers Day. It shouldn't be just one day a year.Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there!And to my mom, your the best and my hero.