TRS86:  I would like to introduce one of our new authors, Newavemetsfan11.  Please let them know how great of a blog this is and give them a warm welcome.  TRDM has also added a couple of other new authors that you will most likely hear from this week.  It's an exciting time here at TRDM.  Also, just to fill you in, NJ has been hard at work on a new site design that will be revealed close to opening day.  You guys are going to be blown away!A few weeks ago, I sat down and took a long look at the Mets roster to see what I could expect for the upcoming season. I had heard and read all the negativity from fans and media about the team’s chances. I knew the Mets front office did nothing significant in the off-season, so you can say I was skeptical about what I was going to see.I first looked at the projected lineup. I thought of last year and Willie Harris hitting third on more than one occasion. Trust me that is not a good thought. However as I started looking through the lineup, I liked what I saw. Sure, there are holes at catcher and shortstop but that is a common theme around the league these days. The Mets go into this season with a legitimate middle of the order and some potential up and down the lineup. I was happily surprised, and barring the obligatory string of injuries, the Mets, like last year will be a good hitting team.I then turned my attention to the bullpen, where I loved what I saw. There is no definite closer, but the Mets have a lot of good pitchers in the pen. Relief pitching is the most fluid position in baseball but the Mets have quality with Francisco, Rauch and Ramirez, and depth with guys like Acosta and Beato. So at this point I was surprised, I was expecting something ugly when looking at this roster.I then turned my attention to the rotation and it’s not a pretty sight. All Mets fans keep hoping for a Jon Niese breakout year and a strong return for Santana, but when those are the top two starters there is an issue. Yes, I like R.A Dickey, and Dillon Gee is solid, but there are too many question marks.After looking at the rotation, I went to look at the free agents the front office neglected to bid on during free agency expecting to rage against the front office for what they missed out on. However all I saw was mediocrity or money that I’m glad the Mets didn’t spend. Mark Buehrle signed for four years 58 million or Bruce Chen receiving two years for 9 million, no thank you. As much as I would like to yell at the front office and ownership for not spending, I can’t because it would have been stupid spending and as Mets fans we know plenty about stupid spending (see: Ollie P, Jason Bay).Call me crazy, but I like this Mets team. I think that they can contend to a certain extent this year and they did nothing to hurt what they have set up for the future. Throw in a couple of stud pitching prospects and shed a few bad contracts and maybe the Mets are on to something. Let me make it clear that my patience doesn’t last forever and I know the patience of many Mets fans has already run out.