The 2013 season is upon us and the authors here at the Real Dirty Mets want to give some of our predictions. Happy Passover, Easter and Opening Day to everyone who celebrates. My predictions: Nationals  – 102 wins (+4 change from last seasons win total) This looks like the best team in baseball. When a teams biggest holes are whether former All-Star starter Dan Haren will stay healthy as a fifth starter and if second baseman Danny Espinosa is going to hit over .250, your team is stacked. Braves – 91 wins (-3) I’m a huge Justin Upton fan and think he’s going to have a MVP caliber season where he will be competing with his fellow outfield mate Jason Heyward. The only reason I see a slight regression is because of the injuries to catcher Brian McCann, starting pitcher Brandon Beachy and the reliance on young, unproven starting pitching like Mike Minor and Julio Teheran. Mets – 78 wins (+4) Another “building year” for the Mets. There are signs of talent and I’m expecting big years from both first baseman Ike Davis and the captain David Wright. A full year in the Major Leagues for starting pitcher Matt Harvey and any playing time the team gets from starting pitcher Zack Wheeler and catcher Travis d’Arnaud will give the Mets a huge boost. Phillies – 77 wins (-4) I don’t know if it’s because I hate the Phillies, but I think they’re going to be even worse than last year. A seemingly injured starter Roy Halladay, a reliance on the Young’s outfielder Delmon and infielder Michael Young to play well and dear I say a Mets like outfield. Looks like an under 80 win team. Marlins – 62 win (-7) Boy is this team a mess, I believe they have some talent but when a team trades the talent they did, they’re going to struggle. I do think there will be a significant uptick in wins next season because their rebuilding project has netted them some quality young major league talent as well as some elite prospects. Bonus:NL East Champion – Washington NationalsNL Central Champion – Cincinnati RedsNL West Champion – Los Angeles DodgersWild Cards – Atlanta Braves, Pittsburgh PiratesMVP – Matt KempCY Young – Stephen Strasburg AL East Champion – Tampa Bay RaysAL Central Champion – Detroit TigersAL West Champion – Los Angeles AngelsWild Cards – Toronto Blue Jays, Texas RangersMVP – Evan LongoriaCY Young – Jered Weaver World Series: Los Angeles Angels defeat Cincinnati Reds in 6 games.   Prismo’s Predictions: Nationals – 97 wins (-1). I actually think the 2013 Nationals are a better team than the 2012 Nationals, but I believe last season’s team played a slight bit above its talent level. With a restocked bullpen, development of young players like Harper and Strasburg, and an incredibly strong rotation the Nats are poised to run away with the NL East for a second straight season. Braves – 92 wins (-2). A lot of people believe the Braves are improved with their acquisitions of the Upton brothers, but I think they lost just as much as their gained this off-season.  They’ll be good enough for one of the wild card spots, but the Braves are second to the Nationals in almost every aspect of their team. Phillies – 84 wins (+3). Mediocrity! Last season was incredibly up-and-down for this team and they ended up making a lot of moves, which only made the team worse on paper. But I believe the NL East will be a slightly easier to contend in this season, which is why I’m predicting the Phillies to improve upon their 2012 record. Mets – 71 wins (-3). Okay, so I think the Mets are going to be worse than in 2012 (downer!). But I also think the Mets are the real wildcard of the division – don’t get me wrong, I think a 90 win season is far out of reach, but I could see this team surprising some and finish near .500 if a few things break right and health ceases to be a major concern. I believe the core of the rotation – Niese, Harvey, Gee, and eventually Wheeler – should at least make for a league average group of pitchers. I think the bullpen is a toss-up, as it is with most teams in most seasons. The offense is incredibly questionable at best, though again I think this is where the most mystery lies in the team (aside from the usual bullpen randomness). Good seasons from a couple of Duda/Murphy/Cowgill/RF could turn the offense into something closer to league average. Defense is a concern, mainly in LF/C/2B. Duda is a dud in the outfield, Buck is a consistently below average defender (and d’Arnaud is unproven at the ML level), and at best Murphy is below average at second base. We have some position players where defense is their strength in Cowgill, Wright, and Ike, but unfortunately team defense doesn’t always balance out so easily. I think we’ll see a lot of positive signs this season for the future, but also a lot of turmoil and disappointment. Last season I predicted 73 wins and the team finished with 74, so all fandom aside I’m hoping to nail my prediction once again. Marlins – 66 wins (-3). The Marlins dismantled their team last season, and while they patched up a couple holes in the off-season, the team simply isn’t good on paper. Marlins may not be bottom feeders in the ocean, but they definitely are in the NL East. NL East overall – 410 wins and 400 losses (-6 wins): In 2012 the NL East finished with the most wins in the National League (if you exclude Houston from the NL Central) and I don’t expect a repeat in 2013, although the division should still produce two playoff teams. I’m not going out on a limb by predicting the exact same divisional outcome, but no team truly made strides in the off-season and the most improved team is probably the one who still holds the division’s crown.   Connor O’Brein’s predictions: Nationals – 95 wins (-3) The Nats are absolutely loaded. They will have a tough time against a very good Braves team, who will bring down their win total a bit. But otherwise, expect more of the same. Braves – 93 wins (-1) The Braves re-loaded with the Upton brothers in the outfield. While Kris Medlen and Craig Kimbrel will probably not return to their 2012 dominance, they will be getting a few key guys back from injury who will help them improve their win total. Phillies – 80 wins (-1) Age will again catch up to the Phillies this year. Chase Utley and Ryan Howard are not the same players they used to be. On top of that, their once-great pitching staff will still be very good, but will continue to be injury-prone. Mets – 76 wins (+2) We will see some positive growth for the Mets this season. The bullpen is improved. Matt Harvey and Jonathon Niese are another year older and poised for breakout years. Travis d'Arnaud and Zack Wheeler, who will be coming up in the next few months, will really help them out. Playoffs are highly unlikely, but this year will be a step in the right direction. Marlins – 59 wins (-10) The cupboard is bare. After trading away almost everything of value on their roster over the course of 12 months, the Marlins are back to square one, and could be very, very bad. They may even end up dealing Giancarlo Stanton before the trade deadline, in which case, they may win even less than 59 games.   Bryan's Predictions: Nationals – 98 wins (no change) They're absolutely loaded and well managed.  I wouldn't be shocked to see them break 100 wins.  They won't sit Strasburg late so they should get to the LCS and possibly World Series. Braves – 91 wins (-3) They don't quite have the rotation that Washington does, but they're real good and they'll host that willy wildcard play-in thing.Mets 80 – wins (+6) A little optimistic, but I think Ike is due for a big year, which will earn a few more wins, and I think the young pitching does well. Phillies – 76 wins (-5) The age catches up with them and they really struggle, becoming frustrated at how quickly they fall far behind Washington and Atlanta. It's almost re-building time in Philly. Marlins – 55 wins (-14) What a joke, although they really battle it out with Houston for the fewest wins in baseball, except there'll be no Strasburg or Harper waiting as a reward.  Kingman’s Predictions: Nationals – 95 wins (-3) Braves – 90 wins (-4) Phillies – 84 wins (+3) Marlins – 70 wins (+1) Mets – 68 wins (-6)   TRS86’s Predictions: Nationals – 96 wins (-2) Braves – 92 wins (-2) Phillies – 80 wins (-1) Mets – 73  wins (-1) Marlins – 65 wins (-4)   Gonzo Will’s predictions: Nationals – 100 wins (+2) Braves – 94 wins (no change) Phillies – 81 wins (no change) Mets – 70 wins (-4) Marlins – 50 wins (-19) Bonus: And I predict that the new American League Astros will break the Mets record for the most loses. What do you think?