wagnerastrosAs I watched Billy pitch a scoreless 8th inning last night I began to let my mind drift to what has happen since the last time he pitched for the Mets.   It was August 2nd 2008.   After Wagner blew the save the Mets fell to 2 games back.   Somehow without Wagner the Mets were able to patch together a pen, with Bobby Ayala as it's leader, that even took the lead back in September.   However, as well all remember that bullpen was pitching on hopes and dreams and lacked the main component, talent.   But enough of what did happen.   Today I want to look at what could have happen.In baseball it is very common for fans to play What If's.   Many do not like it and see it as pointless.   I, however being a history teacher, think there is merit on looking back and trying to predict what would have happen if certain events had not occurred.   Example:   What would have happen if Japan had NOT bombed Pearl Harbor.   Not to mention that playing the What If Game diverts our attention away from the disaster that is reality.Today's Event:   The Wagner injury and the chain that it caused.What if Wagner had not gotten injured:1) The Mets would have made the playoffs.   There is little doubt in my mind that a healthy Wagner allows us the slim margin needed to move into the playoffs which would have forced different matchups once there.2) The Mets would not have had 2 collapses and an injure plagued season back to back to back leaving fans distraught and seeking any change, necessary or not.3) The Mets would not have signed Krod.   I like Krod and think he is a much better closer than Wagner.   However, not 12 Million better.   Wagner would have already been signed and there would have been no room or need for Krod.   Most likely Putz would have still been signed.4) Based on Wagner's influence Aaron Homerun Heilman would have still been with the Mets causing even more undue stress this year when the Mets would have chosen Livan, Redding, Figgy, Niese, and Parnell over him for #5 starter.5) With the12M from Krod the Mets may have given the extra 4M and grossly overpaid Lowe instead of uh overpaying Perez.6) With the 12M from Krod the Mets may have ponied up the money to answer the Sign Manny rallies.7) With the 12M from Krod the Mets may have brought in player favorites Abreu and Pudge.8) The Mets would have a cheap closer for 2010 (8M) in a year that some are predicting the Mets payroll to go down.9) Luis Castillo would have never dropped the pop up in Yankee Stadium and would have not completely turned his career around by hitting .375 with a .444 OBP in the 2nd half.10) Mets fans would have had listen all year to Wagner saying "Why don't you ask them why we lost, oh yeah they are not here, they are injured."