OK so I admit there is way to much good going on for the Mets right now, followed by the concern for Ruben to really be wasting my time on this BUT I can't help but let my mind wander on this Monday morning.  As most know I am a David Wright fan but ultimately a Mets fan above all.  After reading Ken Rosenthal's piece (I know I should be quartered and shot right now) I got to thinking about the premise.  Would the Mets be better if A or B?  Obviously there are actually C-ZZZ still left to consider.  Wright has MVP year, Wright breaks neck, the Mets can't get someone to sign, the value of Wright is too low, Wright does not want to come back... the list goes on and on.For the sake of this post though, lets consider just 2 scenarios.A) The Mets extend Wright either this summer or this fall.  The extension most likely from what I am reading would either match or exceed the one given to Zimmerman.  Mostly because Wright is a more marketable player, face of the franchise, better hitter over the course of his career, and starting at a higher salary from the beginning.  So I would think somewhere between 5/90 and 6/105 would be the range.  I  could be way off.   Obviously doing this would only up the Met current salary by a few million and would only be a 2M increase over the option year that Wright will have.   The good of this deal is that you have locked up the face of the franchise and have guaranteed a relatively productive 3B for at least half of that time I would assume baring injuries.  The bad of course is that you have also locked up a guy for ages 30-35/36.   As I mentioned last week those guys are not what they used to be.B) Pick up Wright's option and trade him for top prospects concentrating on position players.  Then using the 18M set aside for Wright blow an ace out of the water with a contract offer.   Lets assume that if the Mets offered Cole Hamels a 7/140M contract he would take it.  I have no idea if he would or not.  His heart has been said to be on the West coast and I assume at this point he will be a Dodger next season.  But, that being said lets play along with the premise.  SRT and Stick you guys can substitute a different name in there if you want.   Otherwise this story will be certainly shot all to hell.  Good news, the Mets starting rotation even next year would be as follows.  Hamels, Johan, Dickey, Niese, Gee/kid with hopefully Harvey, Familia or Wheeler ready to push their way in.  Hamels would be the only SP locked up long-term.  Would a first 4 like that be better than any top 4 in the NL?  Lets remember that it would most likely pass the Phillies as they would be minus Hamels.  Bad news, the offense is already sputtering a little as is.  Minus Wright it would most likely be just plain void.Lets look a little deeper at the lineup as a result of B.  We already discussed the rotation and a fine one it would be.  Now lets take a look at the lineup.1B:  Most likely still Davis.  I could see a situation where the Mets are forced to choose between Duda and Davis if neither actually show they are taking the next step.2B: Havens, Stick and all of us will most likely get our wish starting either later this season or in 2013.  Assuming health which for Havens is a big assumption.SS: Tejada, reminding me of what we should be talking about today instead of this half brained idea.3B: Daniel Murphy with maybe Lutz and Flores knocking?  The Mets actually do have options if Wright leaves, I am not saying they are good options but options none the less.  1B and 3B might be the deepest positions we have.LF: Good god we still have Jason Bay.  Lets assume if nothing else Bay becomes a platoon guy and only faces LHP.  I would imagine that would allow the Mets to move Duda to LF.CF: I am not sure on this one but I think the Mets have the resources to at least be passable here.  Either Kirk, Den Dekker or Torres will be able to man the spot.RF: For now I am going to say Captain Kirk with Duda playing LF.C: Thole for lack of better options and he is having a decent season with the bat and I see improvements in his catching.That's not much offense but is it enough to win some games with that pitching staff?  Are they better during that 3-5 year window with A or B?  Have fun with this one.