You thought I was referring to the Mets with that title didn't you?  Well normally you'd be right but today you're wrong.  I'm referring to questionably useful starting pitchers currently employed by other teams.  Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLBTR has a post up this morning entitled Teams With Potential Interest In Upside Starters that I encourage you to take a look at, go ahead, I'll wait.  Hmm hmm hmm.  La la.  OK, done?  For our (and MLBTR's) purposes upside starter will be defined as "a starter who has pitched at a high level in the major leagues but that has struggled and/or been injured recently." One of the 14 teams (47% of the league) that Mr. Nicholson-Smith feels might be interested in an upside starter is our beloved New York Mets.  So I ask you dear Mets fan:  should the 2011 Mets be one of the many teams interested in an upside starter?  If so, under what circumstances?