It's no secret, David Wright is struggling.   He's striking out a ton and has left the population of a small town on base.   His at bats have been  painful to watch at times.  I love him in the field, but I'm not confident when he has the bat in his hands.   Now granted, we are still in April but this trend seems to have continued from last year.   I'm trying to put my finger on it  so I came up with  several explanations...hey I  could be wrong but  you tell me!1. David is still feeling the affects of last years Beaning.   He won't dig in.2. He's still pressing, especially with men on base.   I don't know why because now he  actually has healthy hitters around him but I could  swear I see the saw dust being squeezed out of the bat when he's standing in the box3. Maybe, just maybe- he isn't that good to  begin with.   He might have come  down to  earth after the  his first three seasons.   I really hope I'm wrong on this one  4. David is trying   to be something he's a home run hitter.   That home run derby did it to him years ago.   He hasn't been the same since.5.  Citi Field is in his head.   I really don't think so.6. It's too early yet, it's just a slump.   I really hope so.  Now let me pose another question:   Whose job is it to fix  Wright?   In my opinion, it must be Howard Johnson.   He is the Hitting Coach right?   If he can't, what is he doing in the dugout?   I think no matter what excuse you can come up with that either I listed above OR you come up with at home it is the job of the Hitting Coach to find out what it is and FIX IT!   If Hojo can't  find the flaw  in Wright's swing or stance  than the question created is: Has  Howard Johnson lost his ability to coach in the Majors?    If you think I'm wrong, what do you think  the problem is  with David  Wright and what do you think can help him?  Thoughts?