So it's official, the Mets are in the hunt for either the Division or the Wild Card and it all begins tonight in San Fran.    Here's an interesting question:      Are we going to see the team that played in  May and June  or the team that stumbled into the All-Star Break?  Here's another good question: What do the Mets need to do to stay competitive?   How could they avoid another collapse or just another meaningless September?   If the Mets are serious about contending then they have to make some tough decisions, some include hurting some pride, others include eating some money and picking up some salary.Here is my list of things the Mets must do. (or not do depending on the case)1.   Get Jose Reyes back to 100%: if that means sitting him out or putting him on the DL-do it.   This team needs Reyes and they need him at full strength.   Jerry and Co. must look at this situation and evaluate him the RIGHT way and do what is in this Team's best interest.2.  Always play the Hot hand in the outfield:   If that means sitting Beltran until he gets used to hitting Major League pitching then be so.   If it means sitting Bay and playing Frenchy than do so.   If it means finding a way for Pagan to play everyday-than make it so.  3.   Don't start a player because of his Contract:   This goes for our good friends up in Buffalo or  rehabbing Port St. Lucie.   If Perez can't pitch, he can't start-and that also goes for Maine as well.   If Castillo is still hobbling around, find a place for him or just release him.   I know it's not my money but if this team wants to win they have to accept that they made some bad decisions  and that deal with them accordingly.   It's time to get rid of some  dead wood and the Mets have a wagon of it.4.   No More Experiments:   Daniel Murphy...see you next year.   And that goes for any other player the Mets decide to play out of position.   You want to play around with these guys, do it in the Spring of 2011.   This is not the time to "experiment" with a player and "wait" for him to develop.5.   Find an 8th inning guy:    Dig him up, create or trade for one.   This team needs a dependable arm for the 8th or basically they will lose every game by 1-2 runs.6.   Go out there and get a Starting Pitcher:   Yea, go get a gun.   Get a viable, tough, starter that is proven and wants to win.   It might cost us a good prospect or two but the writing is on the wall.   Pelfrey is good but he may be fading, Dickey is a keeper as well as Niese and we all know about Santana but Takahashi is wilting and would be better off in the bull pen.   Get a starter and get one quick!   It might make the difference.