And I thought the Yankee elimination was grand.Well it wasn't because deep down, I knew they were going to be First Round Losers.  Hey, Yankee fans like to talk a lot, especially in my work place, so I think they expected some ribbing- like a real Met fan,  I gave it to them.  And all I heard yesterday was how the Yankees are stuck with a 25 million dollar hitter who can't hit a sac fly.  Isn't it funny, it seems that every team has their version of Oliver Perez-in a some way.But watching the Phillies lose last night.....priceless....absolutely priceless.  I mean, here are the Phillies, who have the team; They had the rotation, the home field advantage, the hitting and the reputation.This was their year without a doubt.This was their year to win it all.  And winning  it all was expected by ownership, the players and the fans.  So what did the Phillies do? Lose in spectacular, painful fashion.I love it.Last night I saw the Phillies get beat by.... another version of the Phillies.The Cardinals are the feel good team of 2011-the amazing run to make the post-season, the role players, the gutsy pitching, the never say die attitude.That's the Phillies from 4 years ago.Now the Phillies are a red and white pinstripe version of the New York Yankees.  They now have big time pitching with some big time hitting and the big time payroll.And let's not forget the big time pressure to win.I guess the big time hitting didn't come through this time.Watching the Phillie fans deflate, watching the rally towels being thrown, hearing the boos either for the Cardinals as they celebrated or for Ryan Howard who lay crumbled 10 feet from the plate is music to my Met ears.I'm I rubbing it in?  Yes I am.That's what baseball is all about.During the past summer I saw a Phillie fan wearing a shirt that read.  "Our town, our team, our time."But like Met fans, now they get to get to say "Wait until next year."Sweet music.