I want the Mets to step on their neck, break their back, kick them when they are down and embarrass and humiliate the Philadelphia Phillies.  I want the Mets to send the them reeling for these next two games  putting Charlie Manuel in doubt for his job, making the Phillie Fans looking forward to another losing season with the Eagles.  I want their GM to consider trading the whole team away and I want his job to be in jeopardy too.  Last night, I was even rooting for the Nats to put the Phillies even further behind in the N.L East.I'm really angry right?A little cruel right?You bet I am.I remember how the Phillies used the Mets as launching pad.  I remember when Chase Utley took out Ruben Tejada in meaningless game.  I remember when Jimmy Rollins made fun of the Mets during their one parade years ago.  I remember how the Phillies bullied every team in the league and how they used the Mets as the team they vowed never to become....I talk to Phillie fans, you know what they say..."all our players are hurt"...Yea, go tell someone who would really listen, perhaps another Phillie fan because now the worm has officially turned.I hate their team and yea I hate their players too.I want to see the Mets trade for Victorino and Hamels and then trade the both of them to Japan for a bunch of Godzilla monster costumes.  I want to see a game in Citizens Bank Park when the Mets are visitors and see orange and blue shirts in the stands.  I want to see the Phillies have a fight in their dugout and see some water coolers flying around.  I want to see the Phillie Phantic get knocked out by Mr. Met in a cage match.And you know what's funny....before the Phillies began winning, I really couldn't care less about them.  They really didn't matter to me.  To be honest, as soon as they officially begin dismantling their team, I'll pay them no mind.  If the Mets win, I won't even think about the Phillies.  Here's a question, do you think David Wright is going cut on Jimmy Rollins on any occasion?I don't think so.I have no sympathy for the team down I-95. And I'm quite sure that's the way they want it.Don't you love baseball?