Ike Davis was not a tough decision to make.   They, whether it was Omar, Jerry or Mets Management, made it seem tough.    But it really wasn't.   When you look it at, it was pretty easy.   Let's face it,   Ike Davis belongs on the Mets like Dan Murphy belongs in Triple A.    There are going to be some other  tough decisions to make if this team want to win and  be competitive.   Like playing  Pagan everyday  over Matthews in  Center Field  or sending  in Mejia over Feliciano in the 8th.      Or should I say it? Dropping Reyes in the  line up until he  gets his swing back.   I know he's Reyes but right  now it's Spring Training for him.    He's in an 0-17 slump and basically  popping up so much I expected him to do push ups at home plate ala Willie Mays Hays from Major League.      But as tough as these decision must be they  have to happen because this team is suffering from lack of obvious judgement.  Last night I finally saw that  the Mets put their best team, at the moment, on the field.    And yes, that included Reyes NOT playing shortstop and Matthew not playing Center  Field and Jacobs  nowhere near Citi field.   There might  be some other tough decisions still out there to make- Like saying good-bye to  Castillo or giving up on  Oliver Perez.    This is the reality they created but the one they must accept if they want to field the best team.I would like to say that this all started with Ike Davis but in actuality, it  all started with  Jenrry Mejia.But can you argue with results?Wasn't last night a good win?   One that the Mets needed?   Wasn't it nice to see Davis with a base hit/RBI?   I'm not saying that the Mets won 10 games last night but it was a step in the right direction.   Maybe a direction that could change the destiny of this 2010 season.And April is still not over yet.        The Mets look like they got a little wind at their back and could possibly go on a run.   It's time for Manuel to put his best team on the field and stop playing games.