Looking at the names of FA from the link provided in the previous post I pulled a few names that intrigue me.   Of course I am going to hear the chorus of "Mets don't need to be worrying about these guys they need difference makers" from some.   However I realize and I am sure most of you do as well, that the Mets need stars AND role players.   The following list could provide some candidates for the second group.Bard (still young for this group of catchers, decent backup guy), Bako, Jose MolinaBlalock, Gload, Hinskie,LaRoche (I would be all over this one)Hairston, Polanco, Uribe, Gritty McHudsonLopez (Another guy who now that he does not cost a pick becomes even more enticing.)Glaus (Mentioned before, I think would be a perfect platoon guy for Murphy and could take Tatis's spot for 3B backup.)Ankiel, DyeCameron (Not sure he has been mentioned on here...)Nady (Another good pickup for platoon guy with Murphy and taking Tatis spot)Padilla, MyersGregg, Calero, Dotel, Hawkins, Lyon, Ohman,Oliver (Good for him, finally not offered arbitration so he can seek whatever team he wants without the type A hovering over)See any you like?