I came across this quote tonight and hell if I even know what sport it's from but to me it seemed to fit the Mets this year. 
“These guys are honourable men who went to fight today. They came out on the wrong side of the fight, but these are men of honour. These will be men of honour in the future and any criticism these guys get is undeserved because these guys have put in a huge effort for Tipperary, a massive effort, yeah.”
While I am writing this the Mets are clinging to another comeback win.  Who knows if they will hold on?  That's really irrelevant to the discussion.  We all knew this was a throw away season from the beginning, in-fact many of us knew seasons 2011, 2012, 2013 would all be throw away seasons in large part.  However, what we expected to see was change.  Change comes in many forms.  This year we have seen about 206 different OF and at least half of that on the IF not to mention starters numbers 12, 13, 14 and a disposable middle relief.  However, with every configuration, it appears this group has decided to go down kicking and screaming.  While at times the play of this under-talented group makes us fans want to do the same thing (kick and scream that is) what we have to realize is that this group of players gives it their all.  The thing about competition and lack of sustained success from many of the players?  It gives them something to play for every night.In fact that's most likely what is separating this group more so than 2009-2012.  There isn't a player on this team without something to prove.  From the Captain earning his spoils to the back up catcher who just shoulder blocked Marco Scutaro back into his days as a Met, these guys play like their reputations and careers are at stake and for most of them they are.  This also includes the often maligned Terry Collins.   Not to start that debate but honestly I think his time here has been under valued and will appreciate the time and effort that he has put in while here although I believe it will end this year.   That doesn't change the culture he seems to have created.Whether it be Collins getting his players to play at full potential, Wright being a captain and leading by example as well as taking a more vocal role, Sandy not being afraid to cut bait and DFA or send players down, or all those things put together, for now and for me I still enjoy watching the hapless wonders.