It's almost here, thank the Baseball Gods Spring Training has arrived.  It's one thing to have a bad season, but the Mets have managed to have to actually tortured me during the off-season.  For that I must congratulate them.  Now I just want to see some harmless, good old American baseball. For the most part, the Mets have been written off by pretty much everyone not to be any type of contenders this season.  I'm OK with that knowing what's been going on but it still doesn't mean I want the Mets to succeed.Let's get down to business, here are some things I would like to see from the Mets that would make me feel just a bit optimistic about 2011.  Special note here, I'm not going to discuss invites from the Mets minors.  Although I would like them to succeed, I think we should really focus on our main position players.  I also understand that these players are looking to get in shape and not worry about stats or wins but still, there are things I think we all need to see.  1.  I would like to see David Wright in nice shape showing he can move around third and sling it to first, a little power at the plate this time of year is not expected, but I would like to see a taste of it.  It would be nice to see him be more of a leader in and out of the dugout.2.  I like Ike Davis and I want to see his spray the ball all over the field.  I would like to see him pick it at first and show a little speed on the bags.   He has that Sophomore curse to worry about so I hope that even if he has trouble at the plate, he can still field.3.  Luis Castillo should be in camp and given a fair shot but if he's really behind, I would like to see him cut.(This also goes for my favorite Minaya pick-up, Oliver Perez)  This move(s) should be done not only out of disappointment but also proving to the players that Alderson is a man of his word.  I think this would mean a lot to the team.4.  I want to see Reyes healthy, running and hitting.  It's been such a long time since I have seen him do all three.5.  Josh Thole has a lot to prove behind the plate if he wants to be an everyday backstop.  I really would like to see him throw a couple of guys out and do some hitting.  6. I want to see a thin Carlos Beltran.  If he's a little thick around the waist, he's slow.  I also really want to see him run down a fly at full speed.  Hitting would be nice to see too.  I would also like to see him play everyday without any loss of speed or strength.  What would really impress me would be to see him out of center a game or two, just to give Pagan a chance and see what Beltran can do in Right Field.7.  Jason Bay needs to show me everything.  I really think he's ready to show us too.  I would like to see him play every game. (even though that won't happen because it's Spring Training)8.  I want to see Pagan be Pagan.  It would be nice to see him start off the way he finished last year.  I would also like to see him handle Center with Beltran next to him.9.  As for the pitching staff, I looking for all of them to be healthy, especially Big Pelf, Niese and Dickey.  I think K-Rod needs to be thin and in shape  It would be nice to see both Capuano and Young make the team.  There is a huge upside to these pitchers and the Mets can really benefit from their contributions-if any.  I love Parnell, I really want to see him pitch and find a role.  Hey, a small Johan Santana bullpen session wouldn't be bad to see too.Dan Murphy may be a hard worker but unless he can hit off the bench, he should be put in the minors again.  I'm sorry, I know he's a fan favorite but can you see him playing second? Finally I would like to see Terry Collins completely in  charge.  I don't care about the workouts he's running but I would like to see him put his stamp on this team-whatever it is. What would you like to see?