Just wanted to say before you read this, this is just an idea I am tossing out for discussion, just something to chew on. I don't necessarily think they should do this, just wondering what the community here thinks of it.Last season the Mets were an abysmal defensive team, finishing dead last in the league in multiple defensive statistics. They finished nearly three points lower than the next nearest team in UZR/150, posting a horrifying -9.5 mark. For those who prefer more traditional stats such as errors, it doesn't get much better as they were fourth to last, with 116.This year that issue has the potential to become even worse, as the Mets will be putting out potential disaster Lucas Duda in right field. In a small sample size last season, he posted a horrendous -43.2 UZR/150. For reference, the worst qualified right fielder in baseball last year posted a -10.9, or 1/4th of what Duda has to this point.Insert the "outside the box" portion of the post, why not move Ike Davis to right field? He has shown that he is an elite first base defender, and has great range, and an absolute cannon. Why waste those physical tools at first when he could be playing a position more suited to his strengths such as right field?Ike played outfield in college, and is even listed by MiLB.com in his draft profile as an outfielder who's arm "plays fine" for right field. He has shown great range and positioning at first base, two things that are crucial to playing well in the outfield.On the flipside, does this mean that Duda will be able to fill in capably at first base? Last season, and again in a small sample size of only 323.1 innings, he posted a UZR/150 of -1. or basically average.One objection, and this is one that I wrestled with while forming this idea, is the concept that one never takes one question mark and makes it into two. I feel as though because this season is going to be a transitional one, it would be the right time to try a move like this.What do you guys think?