You had to have the white hot spotlight - you had to be a big shot last night !!! Billy Joel.Well my fellow Mets fans I am still seething about yesterday's lack coaches heads rolling yesterday, compounded by my perceived laisse faire press conference that Jerry Manuel gave ( Dan Warthern works well with Bobby Parnell & Mike Pelfrey My ass !) But then I watched and listened intently To the Three Stooges ( Jeff Wilpon as Moe , Dave Howard as Larry, & Omar as Curly - nyuk nyuk) on Mike Fatcesspool show and I have to say that for the most part they said the right things ( apologizing for the lack of Mets history , taking partial blame for the medical situations etc) and the wrong things (They are not cheap and they pay over slot when it was deserved), and the head scratchers ( Daniel Murphy compared to Kevin Youkilis, Oliver Perez's putrid year compared to Justin Verlander's).And I was a little disappointed that Mike didn't ask about the return of a Banner Day or a real Old Timer's Day ( I get a feeling that there will be a number retired next year though) But with all of that said I find myself strangely reassured that the Mets will increase payroll and go after ( and maybe attain first rate talent) - But then again I felt the same way with Alex Rodriguez and Vladamir Guerrero when they were on the free agent market. Okay now on wit the INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to former Mets manager from the '75 - '77 campaigns - " Mean" Joe Frazier (1922)One of the best defensive catchers we ever had - Jerry Grote is 67 (1942)One of the under appreciated pitchers from the '69 team - Gary Gentry turns 63 (1946)outfielder from the mid '70's Gene Clines is also 63 (1946)Hard luck pitcher from the mid '90's teams Robert Person is 40 (1969)and quite possibly the best long man / spot starter we have ever had - Darren Oliver is 39 (1970)New York Mets signed free agent Ted " Teddy" Martinez on October 6, 1966.For a good read go to where Shannon Shark suggests that Omar should hire Lee Mazzilli as next years first base coach .I still think we should hire Mo Vaughn as a ambassador to the fans ( that would be rich!)Oh and one more thing Go to where writer Shannon Shark   stated his opinion that Lee Mazzilli should be hired as first base coach !!btw when I was at Saturdays game I met   Chris and his  fellow crew of die hard Mets fans    that wanted to make their opinions on the upcoming hot stove made public