Well today might very well mark the day that Mike Pelfrey becomes the true number two starter for the Mets. Mike showed flashes of dominance, throwing seven innings of shutout ball, allowing only five runs and six strikeouts and get this - walking none ! Mike had all his pitches going for him, especially his new out pitch the splitter. Mike also helped his cause plating  a r.b.i ( because we know how anemic the Mets bats have been lately). This was buoyed by a scoreless innings by both Pedro Feliciano and Fernando Rodriguez. But as has been the story the last couple of days the Mets couldn't get much going with batters in scoring position, especially when the bases were loaded. Oh yeah Luis Castillio didn't help his image among Mets fans when he was caught trying to steal second base with Jose Reyes on second and David Wright at bat. But all in all a win is a win - and we all know we will take them when we can get them !And now.... ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         " Mike served up a plate of whoop ass   for the Colorado Rockies today !"Happy Birthday Jeromy Burnitz ! (1969) You were supposed to be the power hitting outfielder that was supposed to make us forget about Daryl Strawberry. But unfortunately Dallas Green couldn't stand you and so you became a feared homerun threat elsewhere. Too bad when you came back to the Mets you were the shell of the player that you once were.Barely remembered outfielder from the '95 team, Ricky Otero is 38. (1972)New York Mets traded pitcher Mac Scarce to the Cincinnati Reds for pitcher Tom Hall on April 15, 1975.New York Mets signed free agent shortstop, José Oquendo on April 15, 1979. Jose played with the Mets from '84-'85 before being traded to the St Louis Cardinals for a couple of minor league prospects. He is currently the third base coach for the Cardinals.New York Mets signed free agent catcher, Alberto Castillo on April 15, 1987.And today's Mo Vaughn tidbit of the day - He love Rocky Mountain Oysters ( bull testicles for the layman)!!!