Good Morning my fellow Mets fans and Happy 4th OF july to all of you. It is time for the early morning fireworks edition of " This Day In Mets History With Rusty" so lets go !!Birthday wishes goes out to the man who relplaced Rafael Santana at shortstop and now the third base coach for the St Louis Cardnails -José " OLE "Oquendo (1963)New York Mets sold Butch"Metsie!  "  Metzger to the Philadelphia Phillies on July 4, 1978. - ( SOMETHING TELLS ME IT WAS LESS THAN THE TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS AND BEADS WE GAVE THE INDIANS FOR NEW YORK)And an observation Mo Vaughn had about last nights game ( he was sitting next to me at Joyce's Bar in Staten Island hogging the peanuts) - DAMN !! WHY ARE THEY FIRST PITCH SWINGING !!