Quick riddle .What does both my mothers cooking and the current Mets off season have in common ? No Alex Cora and Chris Coste were not among the invitees ! It's both have given me indigestion !! But where as my mothers dry , roasted chicken is finally moving it's way out of my system the slow pace of transaction has yet too pick up any steam . Also at the very least my mother had the imodium on hand free of charge where the Mets would probably charge a two bucks for a single tablet. But I digress. Reports seem to indicate that there is a "phantom " team that has entered the mix and has put in a bid for a fifth year for uber slugger Jason Bay , either that or his agent has ripped a page out of the Scott Boras playbook. Whatever the truth might be lets just hope our roster is dramaticaly different from where we ended the '09 season.                                                                                                                                             NARR: Kellog's "Pep," the ...                                                                                                                            " Our number two starter?"And now.... ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to former slugging outfielder from those awful mid '60's teams - Joe Christopher (1935)Third string catcher J. C. Martin is 73 (1936). He will forever be linked to the infamous shoe polish incident in the '69 World Series.One of the first dominant relievers - Dr. Ron Taylor turns 72 today (1937) .Utility infielder from the '93 season - Doug Saunders is 40(1969) . It's funny , Saunders played in 26 games for the Mets that year and I have no recollection of him - shows how well he played that year.New York Mets signed free agent outfielder Kelvin Torve of the Minnesota Twins on December 13, 1989.The Mets released him on the same date two years later.New York Mets signed free agent outfielder Rodney McCray of the Chicago White Sox on December 13, 1991.New York Mets traded outfielder Chuck Carr to the St. Louis Cardinals for pitcher Clyde Keller on December 13, 1991.Mets drafted catcher Kelly Stinnett from the Cleveland Indians on December 13, 1993.Mets drafted catcher Charlie Greene from the San Diego Padres on December 13, 1993.New York Mets signed free agent outfielder Ryan McGuire of the Montreal Expos on December 13, 1999.Atlanta Braves signed utility infielder, Kurt Abbott of the New York Mets as a free agent on December 13, 2000.New York Mets signed free agent reliever Dave Weathers of the Chicago Cubs on December 13, 2001.New York Mets signed free agent Roger Cedeño of the Detroit Tigers on December 13, 2001. This was Rogers second tour of duty with the Mets - unfortunately while his body was in the line up, his brain and his bat were AWOL.Mets drafted fireballer Henry Owens from the Pittsburgh Pirates on December 13th 2004. And as we all know Omar Minaya stupidly traded him to the Florida Marlins along with Matt Lindstrom for Adam Bostick and Jason Vargas - who are no longer in our system !!And for all of you that are wondering - there are only 113 more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.