JOHN STERLING IS AN ASSH%$E !!! There I said it !! Unfortunately one of the universal truths is if you are a Mets fan you are bound to be flanked by Yankee fans. And when you are out flanked by Yankee fans on a day like to day , you are forced to listen to the droningly indulgent self congratulating pablum that was spewed forth like a frat boy projectile vomiting after shotgunning one Meister Brau , by Mr. Sterling and Suzyn " OH MY GOODNESS GWACIOUS !!" Waldman. All I can say is I am not a diabetic , but I feel like I went through diabetic shock !! With all their fawning over Matsui and Rivera , Hinske and Jeter, to the canonizing of steroid cheats Alex Rodriguez and "God Boy" Andy Pettite, I just felt as numb as Megan Fox after Brian Austin Green slipped her a roofie !! And to add insult to injury hearing Hal " Frankenstein Jr" Steinbrenner thanking his adoring fans like a king patronizes his serfs and dedicating this World Series to his father, I wondered to myself " Is Jeffy Wilpon watching?" Then I responded ( yes I like talking to myself) " HELL HE IS PROBABLY SITTING NEXT TO DAVID DINKINS AND GOVENOR PATTERSON IN THE LOSER SECTION !!!                                                                                                                                       funny+yankee.jpg                                                                                                                                 Once again the Yankees come from behind !!Anyway Here's the INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday to reserve outfielder from '69 - 74 - Jim Gosger (1942)One time elite closer ( except when he joined the Mets) Brooklyn's own John" The Candy Man" Candelaria is 56(1953) . I really rooted for him when the Mets acquired him from the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was after his son died in a freak pool accident at a very young age.Reserve outfielder for the '00 Mets - Bubba Trammell is 38(1971) . I remember when we obtained both him and Rick White from The Tampa Bay Devil Rays I thought it was a mediocre deal ( see even back the our G.M couldn't swing a trade deadline blockbuster deal) But Trammell provided adequate offense down the stretch, and drove in some key runs in that World Series against our cross town ....OH NEVER MIND !!!Cincinnati Reds signed reserve catcher, Dave Liddell of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 6, 1990.And remember - the G.M meetings start on Monday in Hot & Sunny Chicago - and there are 150 long drawn out more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against Florida at Citi Field  Silver-tongued Sterling is ...        ok  Suzyn you can come   up from under the console      now !