Good morning to all my fellow long suffering Mets fans out there. After last nights game game all I can say is - WAKE ME UP WHEN THE FRIGGIN SEASON IS OVER !! Honestly this team has no more fire in it's belly - they can't even grasp the role of spoiler ! I mean you are playing the Phillies - the team that has embarrassed you for the last three years - SHOW SOME HEART !!! Anyway here's the infamy.Happy Birthday to yet another  premier pitcher - at least until he became a Met   that is -Mickey Lolich (1940) . Lolich was traded to the Mets from the Detroit Tigers for our beloved Rusty Staub in '76. He went on to have a rather mediocre year, announcing his retirement at the end of the season. The kicker is he unretired later that off season and pitched two more years with the San Diego Padres !! ( Great moves M. Donald Grant and Joe MacDonald !)Birthday wishes go out to Met i have never heard of - Mario Ramirez (1957). He apparently played 24 games with us in the '80 campaign.Keith Hughes - a outfielder who played extremely briefly for us in '93 is 46 (1963)Tito " Jackson" Navarro is 39 (1970)and lastly our second baseman for the next 2 seasons ( I don't care how well he is playing - he is unmovable !!) Luis " Senor Slappy" Castillo (1975)And lastly as a parting thought Maybe instead of flapping our arms for Angel Pagan we should do goat horns or wear those funky devil costumes - cuz this guy is no Angel !! And congrats go out to Yankee captain and all around good gut for breaking a rather trivial record - but hey the man has the qualities that I would love to have in all my players - except for David Wright and Carlos Beltran - you guys proved that even when this season went down the sh$%er you tried your best - even returning earlier than advised from injury , and I salute you !