Domo arigato Ryota Igarashi  !  I believe the English translation to this is " Welcome J.J. Putz part deux ! "With all kidding aside , I am actually quite proud of Omar's out of the box thinking here. First by signing him to a 2 - 3 million dollar contract you obtain the services of a hard throwing reliever who has shown that he can top of in the mid to high '90's, and could prove to be the eighth inning man that we have been craving to set up for Francisco Rodriguez. Secondly , I think except for Fernado Rodney - who is seeking a three year thirty million dollar contract, Royota might be the best alternative in this barren free agent market. He also gives the Mets front office payroll flexibility in case they trade for Bronson Arroyo or a Aaron Herrang. All I got to say is it might not be a sexy move that us fans want - but still it's a good move.                                                                                                                                                         買取★★★WCCF - CARD ...                                                                                                 " Will his fastball be quicker than your Toyota?"And Now for a heaping slice of INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday Bobby Ojeda (1957) !!! He was the unsung hero of that '86 team, going 18 - 5 with a E.R.A of 2.57. I also appreciated his outspoken criticism when after his departure as a Mets minor league pitching coach in 2004, and he is the perfect S.N.Y studio analyst for the pre game and post game shows. He pulls no punches and he has speaks to truth - as ugly as it may be sometimes.Happy 33rd birthday pitcher Edwin Almonte (1976) . Almonte was the throw in for the Roberto Alomar to the White Sox for Royce Ring deal. He pitched in 12 games for the '03 Mets , earned no victories and ended his season with a E.R.A of 11.12.New York Mets traded pitcher Roger Mason and minor leaguer Mike Freitas to the San Diego Padres for Mike Maddux on December 17, 1992. Yes we got a Maddux   !! - but unfortunately it was Greg's older, scrubbier brother !New York Mets signed free agent Korean phenom - Jae Seo on December 17, 1997.He was traded nine years later to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Duaner "Dirty" Sanchez.New York Mets signed free agent Todd Zeile of the Texas Rangers on December 17, 1999. I admit that I was not and still am not a fan of Zeile's . I was very upset when the Mets failed to retain John Olerud , and felt that the Mets saw Todd as a cheap alternative. Zeile played well for the Mets, at times he was a catalyst during the 2000 season , but alas I never warmed up to him. He now directs and stars in independent movies.Tampa Bay Devil Rays signed back up first baseman Brian Buchanan of the New York Mets as a free agent on December 17, 2004.And lest we forget - There are just 109 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field