Good Morning to all my Mets friends - ( thank goodness we got the win last night). It is time for the early edition of "This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty" - your favorite place to find out useless Mets trivia that won't impress your Yankee fan friends.First off celebrating a birthday today is one of the most consistant hurlers of the '73 team - George " Heart of" Stone (1946) - he along with Felix "the Cat" Millan were aquired from the Atlanta braves for the late Danny Fisella and unsung Mets starter Gary GentryNew York Mets signed free agent Jerrod "Friggin in the " Riggan on July 9, 1998.New York Mets released Darryl Hamilton on July 9, 2001. he was aquired from the Colorado Rockies along with traded with  reliever  Chuck " Pass the buck" McElroy for pitcher  Rigo "Thats Beltron" Beltran,  outfielderBrian McRae, and Tom Johnston. Darryl was one of the few "Darryls" that they tried to replace Darryl Strawberry with ( see also Darryl Boston) And lastly I put this out there for your feedback - who would you put money on to win a weight loss contest - Mo Vaughn or Prince Fielder?? ( thankgoodness i'm not a bookie!!)