Ok so as Mets fans our worst nightmare of a New York Yankees/ Philadelphia Philles World Series is about to come to fruition, Well I have a little piece of news that should put a smile on all Mets fans faces every where !! According to New York Post reporters Jeane MacIntosh & Dan Mangan, www.nypost.com , Former New York Mets General Manager and current ESPN analyst Steve Phillips was caught in a illicit affair with a 22-year-old production assistant, who, after being dumped, pulled a "Fatal Attraction" on Phillips wife with taunting phone calls and letters that bragged about her trysts with Phillips while taking pot shots at their "loveless marriage".Phillips allegedly admitted to his wife and local cops that he had slept with ESPN assistant Brooke Hundley several times this past summer before ending the relationship. His wife, Marni , is now suing him for divorce and Steve Phillips is allegedly being suspended from his job at ESPN. As we all know , this isn't the first time this has happened to Good Old Stevie boy. Who could forget that awkward press conference back in 1998 when he admitted to having sex with a team employee, Rosa Rodriguez, who later sued him and the Mets for sexual harassment, Phillips was forced to a brief leave of absence by Mets ownership and was temporarily replaced by ex General Manager Frank Cashen the case later settled out of court. As much as I feel for Steve Phillps's wife and teenage sons, I still feel it couldn't have happened to a better guy - except Chase Utley  PhillipsOkay here  in comparison is the  not so infamous !!!Happy Birthday to former relief pitcher for the 2001 Steve Phillips era team - Dicky Gonzalez. He is 31 . ( 1978) He was traded in 2002 to the Montreal Expos along with Bruce Chen and Luis Figueroa for reliever Scott Strickland , Matt Watson & Phillip Seibel.Oh ,and  just an observation is regards to last nights   Yankees/ Angels game . THOSE UMPIRES SHOULD BE   DIPPED  IN A VAT OF MOLASES AND HAVE    A COLONY OF FIRE ANTS HAVE A FIELD DAY ON THEM   !!!!