Okay so yesterday started off quiet enough. Face of the franchise David Wright was on Mike Francesa's WFAN radio show and all seemed right in the land of the Mets. Well my friends whe should all know since we are Mets fans and our motto is "Hope for the best / expect the worse" that this cumbyeya moment that we were all sharing yesterday would in a few hours be shattered in a million little pieces.Yes the Mets are in deep sh&t right now after they announced that Calros Beltran on the advice of his agent Scott Boras and his doctors , he either had a run of the mill scoping of his knees or the very risky micro-fracture surgery to repair the damage that he suffered to his knees. So either way he will not be ready for Spring Training at all - best case scenario is early May , or he might be out for the entire season. Matt Cerrone of Metsblog is reporting that his sources inside the Mets organization are " livid" that Beltran went through with the surgery with out their blessing. But what I have to ask is instead of coming back at the end of a lost season, why the f*ck didn't he just have the procedure so that he could be back at 100 % when spring training started !! In my opinion this is a strong indictment of the Mets training staff, and for the fact that they were retained after last years injury plagued season it makes me wonder why no steps were taken to address this matter. So this leads us to another question, who will start in center-field next year while Carlos is rehabbing? I would have to figure that instead of signing whats left of the available flotsam and jetsam free agent outfielders, that Fernando Martinez will be forced to win the job during spring training , with Angel Pagan as his platoon partner. I feel that Mets management would feel that would be the best stop gap alternative that they have without adding payroll.All I can say is get well soon Carlos, We will be needing you !!!                                                                                                                                                                 head-up-ass-2.jpg                                                                                                                 " Once again the Mets training staff has their heads up their asses !"And the INFAMY keeps rolling along !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to part time outfielder from the early '70's Mets teams -Dave Marshall (1943)Utility infielder for the '84 team, Ross Jones is 50 today (1960) .Happy Birthday Mike " Big Pelf" Pelfrey (1984) . May this season be a prosperous one for you since you seem to be our de facto number two pitcher this season.Sadly on this date in 1970 former coach and the architect of the '69 Mets, Johnny Murphy passed away. This in my opinion is what sent the Mets into that downward spiral during the '70's because this allowed M. Donald Grant to become a shadow puppet master, making decisions that would ultimately almost destroy the team.This also marks the passing of one of the unsung heroes of the '69 championship team , pitcher Don Cardwell (2008)New York Mets selected out-fielding prospect Terry McDaniel in sixth round of free agent draft on January 14, 1986. He was yet another highly touted prospect who never saw the light of day with the Mets.New York Mets traded pitcher Masato Yoshii to the Colorado Rockies for pitcher Bobby" not the good one" Jones and minor league pitching prospect Lariel Gonzalez on January 14, 2000.And while you are turning on the gas to stick your head in the over , just remember that we can still win without Carlos Beltran, this team can step up to the challenge!!! And there are just 81 more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.