Yesterday at work I felt like a god amongst common men. You see where I work the ratio of Yankee fans to Met fans is probably 5-1, So I basked in the glory of my favorite team taking two out of three games from the cross town rivals ! But now we move on to yet another arch enemy, and dominant competitor - the Philadelphia Phillies !! Yes it seems like the pitching match ups should be even ( Dickey vs Moyer today, Takahashi vs Blanton tomorrow & Pelfrey vs Hammels on Thursday). But Jerry and Omar cannot fool themselves that we can get by with a rotation of Santana, Big Pelf, Takahashi and two question marks. With john Maine sidelined with tendinitis of the shoulder blade, Jon Neise's balky hamstring and Oliver Perez's hopefully permanent banishing to mop up duty, there are two gaping holes in our rotation. Lets face it ,he Mets need pitching and STAT!! We were all weary when Omar went through the entire off season without acquiring a front line starter , and now it is coming back to bite him hard on the ass ! So whose out there ? who could the Mets acquire?Here is my list of possible candidates and in my opinion the probability that they will be wearing a Mets uniform sometime soon.Dillion Gee 75%. The kid is 5-1 in AAA Buffalo - he might not blow away the competition, but he throws for strikes !Zach Duke , 60%, Best pitcher on the Pittsburgh staff- but will the Pirates be willing to part with him?Cliff Lee - 25% , He would be a great addition, but would the Mets be willing to sign him long term - especially when it seems like they are trying to keep payroll in check ?Roy Oswalt - 50 % - The Mets have tried to trade for him in the past - but 1. who are they willing to give up for him .and....2. Would he waive his no trade clause for the Mets?Last but not least we have Pedro Martinez.I think there is a less than 10 % chance we will ever see him pitching in a Mets uniform ever again. Yes he looked rejuvenated when he pitched for the Phillies for the last two months of the season - but that's only two months !! Remember he was shelled in the post season against the Yankees. I just can't see him staying healthy and effective for the remaining four months of the season.                                                     " Will one of these pitchers be in our rotation by August 1st?""And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Today would have been the ninety first birthday of iconic Mets broadcaster Lindsey Nelson (1919). I have very vague memories of Lindsey, he left the Mets Broadcasting booth in '78. But I remember the garish sports blazers that he would wear during telecasts. He made Uncle Floyd look like a fashionista !!Also celebrating a birthday today is original Mets bak up first baseman , Jim Marshall ( 1931).Sadly on this date in 2008 , one time Mets pitcher Geremi Gonzalez   tragically died when he was struck by lightening   while   walking on a beach in Venezuela, He was 33.On this date in 2004, The Mets released utility infielder Ricky Gutierrrez.The Mets traded minor league pitcher, Robert Manuel to the Cincinnati Reds for pitcher Dave Williams.  And today's Mo Vaughn tidbit - he lettered in field hockey back in high school !