If I said it once I've said it a hundred times - MIKE FRANCESA IS THE BIGGEST A$$HOLE ON WFAN !! ( it feels great every time I say that ) You may ask why am I am in a tizzy over the fat man this time? Well seeing that he promised some Mets news yesterday alluding to the fact that he had some possible news that he was going to break. So what do I do? Like the ass that I am I listen to his show - which is a monument to his own over inflated ego , Just to find out at around 6 P.M. that his announcement is that Omar Minaya will be his in studio guest today ! Well that's all well and good , but you know as well as I do that Omar will not divulge us in any news of worth. Omar will not tell us about any impending trades or negotiations with free agents - he can't and won't tip his hand. So I cry foul on Mike , because if he keeps playing this bait and switch game , he is going to lose many listeners.After reading the rumors about the possible trade regarding Luis Castillio to the Boston Red Sox for Mike Lowell, I was left wondering if this part of a bigger picture - lets just say a three way trade perhaps? Follow my logic here, Lets say if these rumors are true , the Mets might try to bring the Chicago Cubs into these negotiations by offering Mike Lowell ( if the Mets did obtain him for Luis Castillo) and possibly a Bobby Parnell or a Eddie Kunz for Carlos Zambrano. The Cubs would be getting a good hitting infielder ( whose starting to show decline in his game) plus two pitchers with a boatload of potential for the head case that is Zambrano - Think about it and tell me if I am crazy .Also - WELCOME ABOARD JASON BAY !!!                                                                                                                                                                           jason bay was the pirates ...                                                                                                                                           " Bay Watch is patrolling Left field !!"And now ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the Mets pitching coach for the '01 - '02 season -Charlie Hough (1948) . Charlie was one of the better pitchers fof the '70's. Too bad that he couldn't channel that into being a good pitching coach for the Mets.On this date in 1963, One of the Mets original coaches , and a baseball legend, Rogers Hornsby passed away.Sadly on this date , one of the true icons in Mets history,Tug McGraw lost his battle with brain cancer (2004). I was way to young to remember seeing Tug pitch for the Mets but when you watch films and interviews with him you wish that he was your friend. I cried when I learned of his passing - And I don't do that often .New York Mets traded a washed up Vince Coleman to the Kansas City Royals for a past his prime Kevin McReynolds on January 5, 1994.New York Yankees re-signed utility infielsder Miguel Cairo of the New York Mets as a free agent on January 5, 2006.New York Mets signed free agent David Newhan of the Baltimore Orioles on January 5, 2007. I never l liked Newhan , and I was all to happy to see him go.New York Mets traded minor league prospects Corey Coles and Ryan Meyers to the Chicago Cubs for Angel Pagan on January 5, 2008. Angel has turned into the best fourth outfielder in the game , and if he can hone his instincts he could be a everyday outfielder.And while you are sitting on your couch watching the Jason Bay press conference don't forget - There are just 90 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.