Well it is goodJr to see that at least one of my teams is making a meaningful playoff run . All I could say about last nights game is - WOW !!! Last nights game in my opinion was possibly the best Jets game since Al Toon made that one handed catch way back in the early '90's. I honestly feel after watching last nights game that the Jets can hand right there with the big boys, and I can't wait to hear Mike Francespool eat crow ( amongst other things that he shoves into his massive gullet ) !Meanwhile in Metsville it seems like there is a whole lotta nothing going on. I think that the Pacific tectonic plate is moving quicker than the Bengie Molina contract negotiations. Also reported yesterday is that the Los Angeles Angels might have serious interest in Joel Pinero which means that the Mets Public Relations department are working on a press release stating that their offer to Pinero was "competitive" to the one that he signed for and that we were his " second choice" . Hopefully Ben Sheets wows our scouts when he throws tomorrow. I would feel more confident with him as our number two pitcher as opposed to the rest of the flotsam and jetsam that's still out there on the free agent market. And oh it looks like Jerry Hairston Jr. will soon be off of Omar's radar since he looks the be signing with the San Diego Padres and my prediction of a Pagan/ Martinez center field platoon will be the cost saving reality until Carlos " The Martyr" Beltran comes back.                                                                                                                                                                       Super Bowl Audio and Video ...                                                                                                                                               " I can't wait to hear him eat his words today !"And now on with the INFAMY !!!New York Mets traded pitcher Tim Leary to the Kansas City Royals for minor leaguer Frank Wills on January 18, 1985. It is a shame what happened to Tim Leary, he was one of our best pitching prospects that we have had in years. But on a cold April day in 1981, Joe Torre had him pitch and Leary blew out his arm. He did comeback from the injury, but he was never the same pitcher afterwards. Frank Wills despite being traded to the Mets never played in either a major league or minor league game for the Mets.New York Mets traded utility infielder Aaron Ledesma to the California Angels for outfield prospect Kevin Flora on January 18, 1996.New York Mets signed free agent ancient reliever Roberto Hernandez on January 18, 2005. He pitched better for us in '05 than he did when we begrudgingly reacquired him when Duaner Sanchez went down after that infamous late night mafongo run that changed his life forever!And as we bask in the glory of yesterdays Jets win, dont forget that there are only 77 more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.