" Death greets me warm , now I will just say goodbye. Goodbye" - MetallicaAfter watching all of last nights game ( yeah I am a sadist!) all I can say is those lyrics probably most aptly sum up the current state of the Mets . Although the pitching and defense were above par, the offense seemed to have played a game of Russian roulette with six bullets in the chamber and death came rather quickly for the team last night. But I digress, so while I ponder whats dark and bleak about the '09 season I give you today's " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty"A warm birthday wish goes out to one of the best defensive outfielders we have ever had ( catch some footage of the '69 World Series and you will understand why) - The late, great Tommie Agee (1942) I had the privilege of Meeting Tommy on a number of occasions and he truly was a kind , down to earth man.Former M.L.B player, minor leauge manager for the Mets, and coach for the 'mid '90's Mets - Steve " Father of Nick" Swisher turns 58 (1951)and relief pitcher Pat Mahomes is 39 today.(1970) Pat was probably one of the best long man/ spot starters this organization has ever had - at one point posting a 8-0 record wit a e.r.a in the mid 3's during the '99 season.And   lastly , the most played song on Mo Vaughn's I-POD is " POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME" by Def Leppard